“It’s Obama’s Fault”


Plain and simple, the President and the Democrats don’t have a message!

If President Barack Obama wants the opportunity to serve four more years, his campaign is going to have to stop explaining and start telling us where we go from here?

Let’s be fair, President Obama cannot fix the economy alone.  No man or woman can.  And the government cannot continue throwing money at the problem to get the economy where it needs to be.  Who remembers the 80’s commercials, Made in America?  We have to get back to that America, the one where we make the best products and buy them proudly, because they are “Made in America.”

There’s too much going on hurting the economy here and abroad.  Europe and the European Union have decisions to make, that impact all of us.  Every time our economy jumpstarts, something in Europe brings it down.  And when theirs rebounds, something here brings theirs down.  It’s truly a global economy.

The President cannot control the market, but he can control his message.  And the message is weak.  It’s natural to want to explain the ins and outs of an issue.  But Americans have a short attention span.  That’s why Democrats tell us why, how we got here, and who is to blame.  When most of us really want to know, how are you going fix it and where will it take us?

Mitt Romney has a simple message.  It lacks substance, but it can easily be repeated, by the average American.  “It’s Obama’s Fault”. You can tweet it, and post it on Facebook.  But you can’t do anything with it on Foursquare.  On an elevator, if you say “It’s Obama’s Fault!” you can make an enemy or a new friend.  And eventually millions will be saying it, and you will find it on a bumper sticker.

The President’s campaign is stuck in 2004.  When you’re the president you don’t send emails like the one asking for a donation, in exchange for entering your name, for a chance to win dinner, with the President at George Clooney’s house?  This isn’t Publisher’s Clearinghouse.  Eventually with mass mailings, you reach all the people who are going to give you money for that.

What I want to pull from my mailbox, or read in my email, is a quick one pager with bullets of the President’s achievements.  And there are many.  Snippets of what the President is saying and where he wants to take us.  Something we can repeat.  If he doesn’t on January 20, 2013, there will be millions of American’s watching Mitt Romney take the Oath of Office saying, “It’s Obama’s Fault.”

2 thoughts on ““It’s Obama’s Fault”

  1. This is a very good article. Let’s help our leaders do the right thing. One we need to be leaders ourselves. We already are. Let’s just work to be better at it. A united charge will always trump a bunch of splintered interests. However, you leading your group of energized workers and me leading mine can make the transition to work with others with like interests a more manageable task. Having to galvanize members of our society and sift through to find those that are part of the solution is an arduous job. The needs of our socitety are grand. We are a global society which means that what affects us affects other countries on sizemic levels. We travel on the highway, daily, that whether we accept it, know it, shun or embrace it, spans from North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Austrailia and I would thnk even Antarctica. The Super Information Highway and all lanes are open and full of cognitive opportunities. The idea that our thoughts, words, actions only impact and affect us and those that we know couldn’t be further from the truth. What’s causing the traffic jams is the irresponsible word-play that pits groups of people on opposing sides with imaginary differences. The human race is One Race and the Race will be impacted by those that are Racing towards things that are Good. Not things that are Good for One, Good for All!!


  2. We need a message and action plan from our President. As a left-leaner, I already ‘like’ Mr. Obama, but this is not enough to get re-elected. Saying “It’s Obama’s fault” is a fairly popular fix-all, but does not provide any alternatives. We need to know how our government and constituents will move through these hard times and work toward a successful future together (no matter which side of the aisle you sit). United we stand…remember?


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