Storytime with the GOP


Vice-Presidential nominee, Congressman Paul Ryan headlined a long array of speakers last night at the RNC.  His speech was a full-on attack of the President and his policies and the state of economic recovery.  Warming the audience before Ryan were former Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice and Senator John McCain.

Senator McCain went after the President and questioned his foreign policy decisions. Secretary Rice spoke about her White House experience, touched on foreign policy, emphasized education and more personally, her upbringing.  Interestingly neither of the GOP old guard spoke of President Obama by name nor mentioned the ongoing wars Rice engineered and that McCain supported.

On the other hand, Congressman Ryan went on a full scale attack of the President.  Unfortunately it was riddled with inaccuracies better suited for those not following the political conversation and for feeding the right wing of the Party.  What was sorely missing was vision. I worry about the viability of a platform devoted exclusively to disparaging an administration without offering up an alternative plan.

Perhaps we will hear that agenda tonight from Governor Romney, he has a lot to do in his speech.  He needs to convey personal touch that he can relate to the pain of the average American.  More importantly that he has a real vision for the future and the economy. In short, Romney needs to step back from the barrage of attacks on the President and deliver to America his plan.


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