Did You Meet Mitt?






With anticipation I met a relaxed and personal Mitt Romney last night. His acceptance speech shed some light on who he is as a father, husband and business man but for me, something was missing. Maybe I was still stunned by Clint Eastwood’s imaginary discussion with the President. It made the night memorable but not sure in the way it was intended.

Taking the podium earlier in the night, Marco Rubio delivered a powerful narrative based on his Cuban heritage, but one that is shared by many American immigrants striving for the dream of better opportunity and genuine options for their children. While it didn’t define who the Republican Party is today, it offered a glimpse of what the party could be in the future.  And Jeb Bush did a valiant job keeping the legacy of the Bush family alive, begging the question – will he run in 2016?

Romney came to the podium and spoke with conviction “…here we stand. Americans have a choice, a decision. To make that choice, you need to know more about me and where I’d lead our country.”

He was right. We DO have a choice and a decision to make, but where exactly does Romney want to lead us and specifically how. His speech failed to mention important policy issues like veterans, immigration, climate change, financial reform, or Social Security. It was consistently vague on the issues that matter most, to undecided, independent voters.

The audience cheered Romney and he highlighted his achievements at Bain Capital but barely mentioned his term as Governor.

Remember in 2000 when President Bush labeled himself a “compassionate conservative?” Whether you believed him or not, it stuck and we had an idea of who he wanted us to believe he was.

The convention is over and Governor Romney has sixty-one days to convince America to make a “change.” I still am not convinced. The sadder thing is today I know more about Marco Rubio, Condeleeza Rice, and Chris Christie’s vision than I do about the nominee himself.  Along with many other Americans, I hope to hear something substantial about Romney’s plan for our nation’s future.  I hope to learn where exactly he stands on the issues of economic recovery, the wars, education and other serious concerns that matter to most voters. We can all agree with lofty platitudes about “believing in America” and we are all for prosperity, but now is the time for Romney to tell us who he is beyond the personal and give us something to believe in and vote for.


2 thoughts on “Did You Meet Mitt?

  1. Melody thanks for reading and your comment. I still dont know who Romney is and it alarms me that he has run so far from his record as Massachusetts Governor. He is a flip flopper. Romney calls himself a conservative but his record says the opposite. I believe honestly that if he becomes Governor we will see someone completely different than the person running for President. The question is who is that especially considering he seems so out of touch with the typical every day American.


  2. Thank you for another great post! I still don’t know Mitt…what his goals as president are and how he plans to accomplish them. Will he encourage his party to “blink first”, so a compromise can be made to move things through Congress? Will he encourage making friends across the aisle? This is an important election for the US – our economic stability, environmental/energy concerns (ex. Keystone or invest in technology that will allow us independance from oil) top my list, but there are many challenges facing our nation and we need leadership to guide us back to being “the greatest nation in the world”.


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