DNC2012 Day II – When Clinton Spoke, Everyone Listened







The second day of the DNC was an evening again, emphasizing women and women’s issues, ideas and speakers almost lost with the massive anticipation for Bill Clinton’s headlining speech.

Planned Parenthood’s Cecile Richards and Georgetown Law School graduate, Sandra Fluke both presented power-packed performances and struck back at recent GOP attacks on reproductive freedom and access to preventive health care. They were welcome crowd warmers for senate hopeful Elizabeth Warren. Warren gave a speech leveled at corporate interests and reminding voters that there is a clear choice to be made in 2012 between people and profits.

But the night, and maybe the convention, belonged to Bill. Appearing before a crowd primed and pumped, he delivered classic Clinton at his best. While typically, Bill was wordy and long, but not wonky. He laid out in plain language the case for Obama and the case against Romney.

Breaking it down in the simplest terms, he dismantled the attacks and falsehoods against Obama and his policies and packaged the facts in ways the average voter could understand and relate. His speech was a dignified, yet pointed offensive in support of what Obama has accomplished and a heartfelt endorsement of what he can achieve in another term.

His long running speech was a point-by-point take down of the obstructionist GOP and simplified summary of political maneuvers in the last four years. Laughing and delighting the crowd, he had a serious message to not be confused, the GOP is only going to “double-down on trickle-down”. He offered, with clarity, why the Romney-Ryan ticket would be disastrous and why Obama’s reelection is essential for the future of the nation.

Tonight is Obama’s turn. Following this powerful endorsement from perhaps the world’s most powerful man, Obama needs to lay out his vision for a second term concretely and specifically with the same level of detail but with the poetry and inspiration that convinced America we needed him in 2008.

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