Hope and Change






A week after the debate, poll numbers indicate that GOP candidate Mitt Romney is ahead of Democratic Candidate President Barack Obama.  The President’s supporters should not be alarmed by the numbers.   There are still two debates remaining and anything can happen.  And Governor Romney’s supporters should not be celebrating.  Undecided voters are finicky and undecided.  For both camps, getting out the vote is more important than ever.

But voter’s whose primary focus is on the presidential election, should not be complacent and neglect to inform themselves of other national, state and local races.  The Congressional races are in many ways, more important than the Presidential race.  The main reason is the economy.  Unless both sides decide to come to the table to talk and not to argue, markets here and abroad will anxiously fluctuate like they did last year over the debt ceiling debate.

National leaders in Congress play just as important a role to our economic vitality as the President.  The IMF predicts a narrowing of the deficit on the assumption that a political compromise in Congress will be reached.  But if Congressional leaders in the fall do not come to a compromise, our economy will fall again into recession.  Managing Director Christine Lagarde, recently told CBS the U.S. may face a recession in 2013, if Congress doesn’t avert the so-called fiscal cliff of automatic spending cuts and tax increases.

So with Election 2012 upon us, this cliché may hold true, “this is the most important election of our lifetime.”  If we elect people to Congress who bicker instead of talk, another economic crisis worse than the Great Recession will take us in the direction of a real Depression.

To move our nation in the right economic direction, we must focus on candidates for Congress, state legislatures and local elected officials who will work together.  Real Hope and Change rests in the voter’s hand.  Hope and Change is about voters affecting their own destiny.  No matter who wins the Presidential election, your vote will impact our politician’s economic policies.  And it should send a clear signal that we want elected officials from both parties to work together on every level of government, so that all Americans benefit from shared opportunity, shared responsibility and shared prosperity for years to come.


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