Obama v. Romney II: Why the President Will Win






After tonight’s debate, one thing will be clear, “The President will be more aggressive than he was two weeks ago.”

In tonight’s town hall debate, questions will come from the audience.  This doesn’t go well for the aggressive side we saw from Romney in the first debate that helped him surge in the polls.  Look for the President to come out aggressive but not to attack too hard.


The two candidates are virtually tied in national polls, but Romney has significant ground to gain in swing states. That’s why he will use key words to try to reach undecided voters.  Words like Medicare, Social Security, job growth, the economy, tax cuts, and attack the President on his handling of the Benghazi embassy attack.

But he will be forced to explain how his plan will create faster economic recovery, job growth, tax cuts, bring down the deficit, and regulate or deregulate the financial industry to stave off another economic recession.   All in all he will have to tell the American people why his plan is better than the President’s.  So far he has not.

With questions coming from the audience, it will be difficult to attack the President like he did in the first debate without appearing arrogant.  He will be forced to communicate how his plan will increase job growth faster than what has materialized under the President’s leadership.

With a moderator like Candy Crawley whose job is to insure the candidates fully answer the questions, Romney will have a hard time hitting key words without detailing his plan. If pressed to give more details he will become defensive.

The President will appear strong, rested and aggressive.  But he is in a precarious position.  He can be aggressive but must always appear in control and Presidential. Don’t look for him to be like Biden was a week ago.  Look for the the President to call Romney out on the 47% comment, his math/arithmetic skill level to balance the budget and his business experience.

Tonight, holding on to a small lead in the polls, viewers will see that the President wants to be re-elected.  He will convey why and how his plan will move the country Forward.  If he does this well, and clearly not in a professorial way, illustrates the difference between his and Romney’s plan, he will win the debate and set up an anticipating showdown for the last 2012 Presidential debate on Monday.


4 thoughts on “Obama v. Romney II: Why the President Will Win

  1. It will be interesting to see how Romney responds. He could surprise like he did in the first debate, but I havent seen anything that tells us otherwise. If forced to answer questions fully and give a plan I find it hard to believe that he will give details of a plan that would either alienatate his conservative base, or the middle class undecided voter he is now trying to woo.


  2. Given the town hall format tonight, I suspect we’ll see on full display why folks don’t connect well with Romney. He performs best in a sterile, controlled environment behind a lectern. Engaging directly with audience members is not Romney’s strength, but it is the President’s. I predict we’ll see the charismatic fight from Obama his supporters are accustomed to. And you’re right. With a strong performance tonight, Obama will enter into the last debate with the same enthusiasm and bravado that swept him into office.


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