#Election2012 Prediction





Tonight, the President will win reelection despite polls showing the race to be close.  He will win the Electoral College and go over the necessary 270 eclipsing 300.  But the popular vote will reflect the division that exists in this country.

President Barack Obama and former Governor Mitt Romney engaged in a contest that split the nation and brought about differences in public policy, fixing the economy and social equality.  They debated and the political pundits argued for both.  Americans endured approved messages with negative tones from them, and candidates in local, state and congressional races.

But as James Carville said in 1992, “it’s the economy stupid.”  The sputtering economy has to be fixed, the fiscal cliff avoided and despite different ideologies, the people must make Republicans and Democrats who want control of the House and Senate work together.

Debates over the country’s future should frustrate Americans.  Five billion dollars have been raised and spent on television ads.  There are families on the East Coast who have lost their loved ones and homes during Hurricane Sandy.  As one man said when commended for his charitable work, helping families affected by the storm, “this isn’t charity, this is humanity.”

Let’s let our thoughts, prayers, actions and money be directed toward helping our fellow citizens get back on their feet and rebuild.  If our elected officials can raise five billion dollars for negative ads, surely they can raise ten billion to assist those who are most in need.

Tonight, we have to rise above the negative tone of political discord and demand that leaders and members of the US Congress work for the best interests of the American people and fix our economy, because it’s in the best interests of America, here and abroad.   At the end of tonight, let’s hope the winner of this long arduous Presidential campaign, sets a tone of reconciliation and collaboration, to bring our nation into financial and moral prosperity.

We should be outraged that voters in Ohio, Florida, and other states have endured long lines and shortened periods of time to vote.  W should be outraged that our votes can be held hostage.  The time has passed for politicians to use their position to divide.  It is time to unite.  This cannot be done suppressing votes and keeping us divided on how to fix the economy.

America is a democratic nation.   No state should ever make it difficult for its citizens to vote.  While this is a conversation that can continue another day, tonight every American should be outraged by any report of voter suppression.  But Now We Wait!


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