The Time is Now!

Mr. President we need an Oval Office address from you on a number of issues, because standing at a podium addressing the media does not get it done!

I am very disappointed with your handling of major issues both domestic and foreign.  Many said President Bush missed an opportunity to bring the country together after 9/11.  Well President Obama, you too missed an opportunity.

In 2008, you had an excellent opportunity with a mandate, to empower many who once felt they were unimportant. You showed them their vote does count in 2008 and again in 2012.  Now many of them are silent and give you a pass.     

For the sake of the country, no one should remain silent.  It seems that you came to Washington with a conciliatory tone, not the mandate the American people gave you to lead. 

Standing behind a podium, addressing a pool of journalists is not leading.  More it is not addressing the people who empowered you to lead the country. Any US President should use the power of the Oval Office to communicate your vision.  From the Resolute Desk you can enlist our support on issues like immigration reform, gun reform, jobs bill etc.   

I have no idea what you stand for or against?  You didn’t address Syria with a heavy hand.  As a result of inaction, today we are bombing Iraq to protect the women and children being attacked by ISIS.  Yet, I see images of innocent children dying in Gaza and we do nothing? Is that leadership?

Michael Brown died senselessly, as did Trayvon Martin.  These young men deserve more from you Mr. President. They deserve an address like the one President Kennedy delivered from the Oval Office on June 11,1963. 

In that address, the President announced that he was sending the National Guard to protect Vivian Malone and James Hood.  A young man and woman who sought to become the first Americans of color to integrate the University of Alabama. 

From the Oval Office President Kennedy called on Americans to recognize civil rights as a moral cause that all people need to contribute to.  It wasn’t the most popular thing to do, but it was the right thing to do.

We need you Mr. President to use the Oval Office address to speak directly to WE THE PEOPLE of the United States of America so that we can move forward together.  The conversation we need from you transcends race and is one best delivered by you sir, the President of the United States.  The issue of race in America has long been of national importance. Now it is one of dire consequence to our nation’s wellbeing.

Like the speech you gave during your campaign, that your advisors advised against.  We need you to speak to our nation on the issue in Missouri.  You don’t look like any other President in our history, yet you benefited just like many of us from that all so important Oval Office address by President Kennedy in 1963. 

The speech we need from you is about national unity.  It is about equality for every American.  This is one about human dignity for us and our global neighbors abroad.  No President can address the myriad of issues you have tried to confront alone.  My heart goes out to you for your effort but no.  Now I ask you to let the American people help.  

I want nothing but success for you Mr. President and any President that comes after you.  The success of any President is contingent upon the success of the country as a whole.  Give us an address and more addresses Mr. President from the Oval Office.  We need it as much as you do. 

To Your Success Mr. President!