Midterm Election is Coming!

Yesterday, the NY Times ran a story about how the Black American vote will be needed to save Democrats in Congress. Over the next few days, look for a Democrat to visit Black churches near you.

Do you wonder as I do, when will Blacks truly recognize the value of their vote and push Dems to act in the best interests of all Americans? When will Blacks overwhelmingly leave the Party and empower themselves and recognize that Democrats are not their best or only hope?

If they were, wouldn’t Democrats hire more Black firms to work on their political campaigns and do their outreach? If the Black vote is so important, why do Dems wait until the final stretch of the campaign to reach out?

In 2008 and 2012, Blacks voted overwhelmingly for the President. But for six years, where has his voice been on the violence claiming the lives of children in Chicago?  And why is unemployment still highest in the Black community?

The President’s presence on the campaign trail is nonexistent except in states like Maryland where there are high numbers of Black voters. His approval level is at historic lows because he and the Dems spent more time finger pointing and less time communicating a cohesive message to the American people.  As a result, Dems may lose seats in both Houses of Congress.

The groups affected most by the 2013 government shutdown were Blacks, the middle class and poor, groups the Dems historically say they best represent. So then why haven’t Dems communicated a platform that speaks to the government shutdown and what they need to avert another one?  Why haven’t they talked about job creation orf strengthening the economy?  They haven’t because the American people and Blacks have not held their representatives accountable.

The Framers were right when they wrote “We the People” into the preamble of our beloved US Constitution to remind us that “the people” have a responsibility to hold our representatives accountable. Today, Dems platform is all over the place. They have done a poor job keeping it simple and reminding voters of the government shutdown, the failure of Congress to pass a jobs bill or aggressive legislation to strengthen our economy.  Instead, they point a finger at Republicans who on the other hand have communicated a message that resonates with their base, but not to the whole country.

The 2016 Presidential election year approaches and only “the People” can hold Republicans and Democrats feet to the fire to create a unifying message. As for Blacks, whose voice resonates loud when there is an injustice, it is time to realize the real power of your vote.  Be sure should Dems lose control of the Senate and seats in the House, they will blame you.

6 thoughts on “Midterm Election is Coming!

  1. Very well-written. Agree completely. Community leaders need to devote some serious resources into understanding why the community has not mobilized and achieved self-empowerment akin to certain other minority associations. Liked your comment re politicians posting at black churches conveniently in the run up to the election – engagement with the community should be an ongoing effort, not a calculated stop on the campaign trail for a quick vote or two. As a voter in that community I’d be insulted by it – we should ALL expect more from our politicians.


    1. Thanks Kelly! It is frustrating to see so many Blacks voting overwhelmingly Democrat. It is hard to use your vote or to leverage more if you are considered a sure thing. Dems for too long have taken the concerns of American communities for granted because voters when they do vote go home after casting their vote and don’t hold their elected officials accountable.


  2. What will it take for our African American Sisters and Brothers to stand and come together I wish I knew. We continue to scream for the wrong things. We must continue to pray for our leadership and our country.


    1. Antoinette, thank you for your comment. So true Blacks seem to stand up and yell and scream on certain issues but where is the voice when Congress fails to pass meaningful legislation to move our Nation forward?


  3. Obama traveled to Chicago in February of 2013 to address gun violence. He has pushed for gun reform legislation and he has been blocked every step of the way by republicans in congress who are in the service of the gun lobby and a rabid voter base. In 2007, under Obama’s leadership, The College Cost Reduction and Access Act was passed, making it easier for students to borrow and pay back federal student loans, a piece of legislation that will surely help the middle class and the poor since those are the students receiving federally backed student loans. With a fairer payback structure, more college graduates will be able to pursue and keep work without the burden of carrying accruing debt they have no hope of ever paying down.

    As for pandering to women, Latinos and African American voters, there’s nothing novel about that. Obama didn’t create this phenomenon. Right around the time democracy was created, so was lying and pandering.


    1. Trish, the President put VP Biden out front on the gun violence legislation and let others carry the water we needed him to carry. He was on White House lawn looking frustrated after the legislation didn’t pass even though the nation polled overwhelmingly in favor of reform after New Town, Colorado and Congresswoman Giffords shootings. It was sad that we didn’t hear from the President as I have said for the past four years with an Oval Office address that called upon the American people to let their voices be heard. Yes the CCRAAC bill was passed, but how many bills have been passed in Congress in the past four years? Fewer bills have been passed during this Presidency with these Dems in office. We see them each and every day on the Dems side complaining about the gridlock but I don’t hear them saying much about solutions. Just because the President didn’t create the phenomenon doesn’t mean we don’t need to see him lead. The President did a phenomenal job when he came into office explaining the nuances of the economic peril we faced and describing what he and his Administration were doing. I was disappointed then that he spent a lot of time pointing the blame back at President Bush. We know where the problem started. The Press complained that he was out too much talking! Then he went away. He explained the nation’s response to the BP Oil Spill from the Oval Office and since then we haven’t seen him speak from there. You cannot lead through social media. We need our leaders speaking about solutions and empowering voters to make their voices heard in support or opposition. This is not to say that the GOP is right in their message but they have more effectively communicated a message to their base and the Dems have done a very bad job communicating theirs. In fact, I don’t know what their message is. Do you?


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