A 4th Quarter To Remember…..


“Don’t call this a comeback. I’ve been here for years!”

“My Presidency is entering the fourth quarter. Interesting stuff happens in the fourth quarter.” President Barack Obama

This is the fourth quarter of President Obama’s presidency and tonight’s State of the Union (SOTU) address will be the most important of his Presidency. Based on his activity the past two weeks, we see a roadmap that might work his last two years in office.

Tonight, the President will focus on his achievements and they are significant.  The nation’s economy is stronger and we are better off than we were six years ago!  There have been over 50 months of consistent job growth. The stock market is soaring at historic highs.  Now, he can refocus our attention on education and income inequality proposals that will strengthen the middle class.

He can highlight why he signed executive orders addressing immigration reform, family leave & minimum wage for federal contractors and opening relations with Cuba.  With a contentious Republican Congress opposed to everything the President puts forward, tonight’s SOTU address and events planned tomorrow and Thursday should help the President share his agenda.

The past few weeks, the President and the White House have used social media and speeches to reengage and reenergize Americans. He has met with Americans across the country to put forward proposals that can strengthen the middle class and build on the progress made creating jobs and growing our economy.  (Watch the President discuss increasing broadband speed )

It is important that these things to work to reenergize his base and to get more Americans onboard because as President, Obama has failed to draw large audiences for the SOTU.  His largest audience was 48 million in 2010 and lowest was 33.3 million last year.  Based on Nielson ratings, past Presidents Clinton and Bush drew over 50 million viewers at least once for their State of the Union addresses. 

What these numbers don’t show are who watch on social media or wait for media analysis. The President’s Administration may be more connected to a younger demographic than past presidents, as was evident in his 2008 election and reelection in 2012. 

Events like tomorrow’s Big Block of Cheese Day, where participants ask questions of White House administration officials on social media using hashtag #AskTheWH can only enhance his reach and access to wider audiences. Thursday’s YouTube Interview with President Obama is another opportunity for the President to expand his reach along with numerous WH conference calls with stakeholders hours and days after the SOTU.

That’s why the President’s speech is important. It frames his message on healthcare, climate control, free community college tuition, broadband, net neutrality, the killing of unarmed Americans and killing of police officers, community policing strategies, the economy, taxes, terrorism abroad, job growth, income inequality and immigration.  All important American issues that we can move with FORWARD with him.

How he engages the support of millions of Americans to fulfill his campaign promise to strengthen the middle class leaving no American behind is important tonight and help him finish strong.

Two years passes fast.  The President is reenergized and appears, whether I or you agree or disagree with his executive actions, with the leadership and energy needed to help him finish strong.  It is great to see this fourth quarter push that reminds of the Seattle Seahawks improbable comeback this past Sunday.  They won by giving it all they had even when many like myself thought the game was over when it 16-0 at the half.  Now they are in the Super Bowl because they never quit. 

If the President continues this course and reenergizes his base the sky’s the limit.  If he communicates his plan effectively, I like his chances to finish his Presidency and this fourth quarter in a way that will forever be remembered!

Click here to view Road to SOTU: President’s Policy Proposals to Help All Americans and how to participate Wednesday in Big Block of Cheese Day and Thursday’s YouTube Interview with President Obama

4 thoughts on “A 4th Quarter To Remember…..

  1. Last night’s State of the Union address was a definite must tune in. I agree, President Obama has captured attention from various walks of life, life styles, as well as our younger generation. Our President and Mrs. Obama have presented compassion for our country’s obstacles, and for the best interest of “everyday people”, as well as for our neighboring countries.
    President Obama has demonstrated thinking smartly, analytically, as well realistically; utilizing and acknowledging true lived citizens’ struggle as examples of his logic for decision-making.
    There are many accomplishments that show our nation that his 2 terms are not served in vain.
    I enjoyed his mannerisms, while discussing the “checked-list”; yes, I say “checked-list”, because that speaks volumes on his accomplishments during his perseverance to be our President.
    From beginning to end, I felt chills especially when he spoke highly of us veterans.
    He’s still standing tall and moving forward…it’s not over yet!
    Upon completion of his 2nd term, President Obama is remaining an icon beyond face value.
    Tib, I love your statistical breakdown.


    1. The President’s free community college tuition was one of my faves. It is in line with what we did historically through the GI bill. The President is in the last quarter of his Presidency. As he said a few days ago “Interesting things happen in the fourth quarter.” Stay tuned…..


  2. History will demonstrate that this president did more for the middle class than his predecessors, and did so with overwhelming obstacles, not the least of which is a congress hopefully gridlocked and plagued by dysfunction. You go Mr. President! Use your forum tonight to brag about your many successes. Your supporters are still with you, staying the course, patient and defiant. Just as you have been.


    1. The President did a fantastic job last night. It was a great speech tempered with successes of his Administration and a call to action to his base. He did a great job pulling from his 2004 speech in Boston at the DNC convention. The President appeared relaxed and comfortable and he had some great moments. He has talked about the middle class throughout his campaigns and election. Now the question becomes can WE get it done. The President and no President has ever been able to do the things necessary to change and move our nation forward without the People’s help. Let us all stand together with the President and move forward in a way that brings not one group together, but all groups and communities forward. If we do this, our nation will move closer to living out the true meaning of its creed.


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