By Atiba Madyun

As one raised by parents in the Islamic faith, I applaud Michelle Obama and First Ladies before her, Hillary Clinton and Laura Bush for visiting Saudi Arabia and not wearing a head covering. They all have represented the U.S. and women worldwide with class and distinction.

Women and men in the Islamic faith are urged to be moderate in their dress. Yet too often, for instance in the summer, I see some Muslim women with full covering and their men in shorts and T-shirts. SMH

Men in Islamic countries should focus more on curbing their desires as opposed to suppressing women with laws about dress and keeping them for instance from being able to drive a car.

Their focus should be to bring peace in a region of the world that to many, including myself, seems primitive.

This would go much further in showing the religion in its purest form as compassionate as opposed to it appearing to suppress and oppress women. ‪#‎LOVE

Atiba Madyun is President of The Madyun Group (TMG) a Public Affairs firm based in Washington, DC.

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