We Are Moving FORWARD! 

I laughed first, when I read Ted Cruz comment on SCOTUS decision Friday legalizing gay marriage in America. 

Then I was sad. 

Now I am reflective on the historic events of the past week. 

A week where  SCOTUS upheld that the Affordable Care Act’s tax credits for eligible Americans living around the country are legal. 

The same week, President Obama spoke at the funeral of Rev. Clementa Pinckney who was one of nine people senselessly  shot and killed at the historic Emanuel African Methodist Church in Charleston, South Carolina. 

Is the same week members of both political parties called for the removal of the Confederate flag from the South Carolina Capitol grounds. 

To my friends working on justice, equality, race issues take a bow. The long journey on a narrow road has not been widened enough, but it’s wider than its ever been.

There is plenty of room for folks like Cruz when they come around to realize, this nation is not for you, it is for all of us. 

We are, because of the work of so many, in a different America then we were 50 years ago.  And a far different America  from 150 years ago, when slavery was abolished.

Although, there is much to rejoice about, there is time to reflect on the funeral service of Rev. Pinckney.

“Without a struggle, there will be no progress.”

The President’s speech during the service was filled with reflection on America’s journey.

Often, the tone on social media can feel tense as we discuss what we want to see in an ideal America.

The President’s speech was delivered with a measured somber tone and language that offers HOPE.

We can address the calamitous tone of those like Ted Cruz whose comment was that this is the “darkest 24 hours in in our Nation’s history” stronger and better with similar language of HOPE, instead of despair, frustration and anger.

That doesn’t mean those emotions are not just. They just don’t offer the class and dignity to those too often pushed down.

Together, the good people of this Nation have CHANGE and are moving FORWARD.

I was uplifted seeing the #LOVEWins yesterday. As some of you know, I’ve used the #LOVE often this year.  Even been lamented by some, who believe my encouragement of love and forgiveness is meant to wipe away the frustration of so many.

It is not meant to be defined that way. Rather it is meant to reflect that when you show LOVE even to those who are against you, the positive energy it emits will come back to you stronger and purer.

We saw that in the reaction of so many after SCOTUS decision on gay marriage and the response of millions around the world to the senseless Charleston shooting. The response of the victims families can teach us so much!

Our Nation has moved and CHANGE is here. We are moving FORWARD.

Our glass is not half empty.


It is up to us to fill it. Either we can fill it with LOVE or hate. I choose LOVE.  Look at what happened yesterday and see the power of LOVE.  As the President eloquently said the murderer had no idea that his HATE would bring the opposite of what he intended.

How about you will you choose to LOVE or hate?

Atiba Madyun is President of The Madyun Group (TMG), a Public Affairs firm in Washington, DC and creator of Cognitive Relevance (CR) and Party Politics (PP).  Follow him on Twitter @atibamadyun or Like Atiba Madyun on Facebook.

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