Party to the White House 2016

No party is good without music. And no road trip is fun without people.

The road trip to the summer conventions (GOP & DNC) started last October.  We got two schools and two states under our belt before the holiday.

At Texas State University we partied for four days with thousands of students, so you can imagine they had a lot to share!  And it was a success by no mistake: the board thanks to our Texas team, survived a tornado and flooding that put a halt to our Friday party plans.  But the party didn’t end there.

Students pose questions at the Chalkboard.

A couple of weeks later, Iowa’s Drake University Democrats, who heard about the four-day party at Texas State, invited us to come kick it with them. We happily took off! And, believe it or not, through high winds, torrential rain and tornado warnings throughout the day, en route to Iowa, the board arrived from Texas.

In the Hawkeye state, we pumped up the volume more, as students shared their thoughts–it was a great look–even the Chair of one of the Parties came by.

L-R Party Politics Ambassadors Michael Hart, Texas State University OSSW President, Steven Thornhill, OSSW member, Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, DNC Chair, and Sarah Joens, OSSW Member and Party Politics Ambassador

2016 is underway, and now that the holidays have come and gone, I’m excited to get our Party Politics team back on the road! The parties we have planned around the country will truly be fun!

Bring your friends, come hear our music, taste our food and experience a lot more!

Our road trip will be more fun with you! The more who come, the better the party!

And if your college or community isn’t on our schedule, invite us!  This movement started October 2015 with Texas State Univeristy’s Organization of Student Social Workers (OSSW).  It was a pleasant surprise, and who knew they would be the first students to join our road trip?

We left San Marcos and our Texas State team drove 17 hours to Drake University to party  with the Drake Democrats!

Board at Drake University….I Want My Next President to Work On____

Next stop is South Carolina. But we have some fun to get into in the nation’s capital, January 28th the night of the Republican Debate, before we hit the road.

From the Palmetto state we head to Georgia, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Tennessee and Virginia. And it gets better as this campaign cycle kicks up another gear–there are so many stops we can’t even tell you about just yet!

And you never know who we will meet along the way.

L-R Party Politics team Atiba Madyun, Michael Hart, Sarah Joens, Biju Pandit, Steven Thornhill with Iowa Congressional Candidate Desmund Adams 
Drake University students!


L-R Atiba Madyun, Congresswoman Sheila Jackson-Lee (TX) and Des Moines Mayor Frank Cownie


Drake University Students selfie after #ChalkboardConversation Lunch Chat!


esidential Candidate Hillary Clinton walking the rope line.

At each stop on our Road Trip to the White House 2016, we are bringing music, food and our chalkboards. As you eat, drink and revel in the sound of good music, we want you to share your thoughts on what you want the next President to work on.

Texas State University students joining the party, sharing what they want my next President to work on.

The more people at the party, the louder the music and the more amps we will have, as our boards travel the country to amplify your thoughts on this election year!

Have dinner with us, and share on our social media platforms the issues you want the next President to steer our country towards!  Engage in a discussion, knowing that your thoughts will be heard! The more of us that talk, the louder our voice becomes. We don’t need political party affiliations or big donations to make a difference. We are one nation, and our numbers will speak volumes. The more we party, the harder it is the for anyone to ignore us!

It’s time to change the narrative from what media and news outlets tell us to care about. We want leadership that understands that we want to play hard, after we work harder. Bring your ideas, appetites for discussion (and food!), and let’s turn up! The party should always come before the politics.

Its time to Party!

Join us for the party, share with your friends and stay updated here!

Instagram: @partypoliticsus
Facebook: Party Politics US
Twitter: @partypoliticsus

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