Thinking Outside the Box

Sanctions lifted on Iran has oil prices going down. A gas station in Michigan last week’s price per gallon, went as low as 47 cents. Economists and business advisors are warning of an impending recession. 


What if producers brought the price of goods down along w gas prices i.e. Airfare, car sales, food, clothes etc.? Would sales rocket and revenue from product and taxes increase?

Instead of companies cutting jobs before and during a recession, why not withstand some of the challenges a recession brings? Along as they’re still making profit even if not astronomical instead of putting burden on the government. 

But what about bank loans and the stock market? Banks and the government have worked together in the past to move toxic debt off their books. Why not be proactive and think out of the box now to do that? 

The US stock market has steadily grown and the Dow is strong. Other countries financial instability is going to impact ours. Declining oil prices have already impacted smaller countries whose main source of exports are oil. Check out Gabon in Africa.

The global economy is going to stabilize.

Why not take time to bring more people along with it? Raise the minimum wage and cut inflation? Keep interest rates low so that Main Street can catch up to Wall Street. 

Finally, wondering was this part of Obama’s plan when sanctions on Iran were lifted? If so brilliant. If not, together can we make it brilliant. 

What about thinking outside the box?


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