Politics of the Dab

Are you excited for Super Bowl 50, with Cam Newton’s youth and Carolina Panthers against Peyton Manning’s age and Denver Broncos?

The story lines feature the team’s stellar defenses and Peyton the future NFL Hall of Famer, playing in his fourth Super Bowl and seeking his second title.  There also is Cam in his first Super Bowl, creating a body of work that will take him to the Hall of Fame.

The sad distraction comes when the conversation turns to Cam, race, the dab (see video, Cam does this after a touchdown) and what he wore to an interview.  The distraction was captured on video in the middle of Party Politics’ meeting about our Road Trip to the White House campaign.

Join the conversation and tell us what you think about Cam Newton and the Politics of the #Dab.


One thought on “Politics of the Dab

  1. Thanks for posting. This video sparked a lively dialogue with my husband. One of the highlighted points…comfort level with the unknown. #thankyou


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