Fight the Power

fight the power
Fighting in politics isn’t new.  Every President has opposition and with social media, the friction and division are enhanced.Every day, the words are harsher. But our politics and issues are no different than yesterday. The truth is, American politics is tough because the arguments evolve over centuries. For instance, slavery to race. Women’s voting to equality in pay.

Donald Trump and Ted Cruz lead segments of our populace yearning for yesterday. Their rallies are filled with insecurity and hate. Protect my guns! Build the wall! Secure my liberty! Muslims are the enemy! Scrap ObamaCare is their rallying call.

The politics of fear wins sometimes but loses in the end. It is grounded in insecurity that is racisms ugly core. Ask a racist why they feel better than someone else. Get to the core of their feelings and you will find fear. That’s why guns are important to them. And police officers kill Black men. It empowers even the weak among them. Religion becomes their roadmap “my God says the Muslims are evil.”

But fear, insecurity also lead to other forms of violence. If you don’t agree with me, I will kill you. Our seventh President Andrew Jackson dueled a man to protect his wife’s honor.   A congressman was caned on the US Congressional floor for a disagreement and countless of other elected officials dueled just a mile outside DC on the shores of the Anacostia River.

Yet, the indignity of Trump and Cruz followers is not what upsets me most. What upsets me most are people on both sides thinking there is only one way forward.   That is how racists divided this country. This country has plenty of room for a middle road.

As the conservatives fight the liberals. The liberals are fighting themselves, promising not to vote for the opponent if he or she wins, and throwing insults at Senator Elizabeth Warren for not picking a side.

American soldiers and advocates like the comrades of the civil rights movement lost their lives fighting for democracy. Democracy meaning the right to vote. Yet, many don’t vote! In a democracy, we are entitled to an opinion. And we are entitled to vote on those opinions. The majority wins!

So, no matter what side you are on, Vote! We have had some challenges in voting, but that should not stop you from voting. Fight the power at the ballot box. Consider your vote a bullet. Strategize and join a campaign, local, state or federal.   Come up with a plan to get the most votes. Your votes matter! And your side or team cannot win without them.

Then come to or plan a real Party with food, drinks and music. Just like a Sunday football game, sit back and watch the score. Your team won’t win every time. There will be drama. That is to keep us engaged. Think about it, without drama who would watch, Keeping up with the Kardashians?

If we work together, and put fun in the process, we will find a way to win on our issues. Better yet get the best candidates elected to work on our issues. Then we can celebrate the victory with a Super Bowl type party. Some call it Inauguration Day!


Bill Maher Liberals  Why Are You Fighting

Congressman Caning on US Congress floor

Elected officials Dueling Creek on DC’ Anacostia River

One thought on “Fight the Power

  1. So true that political battle is not new! However, I don’t recall it being on such an ignorant level as currently televised. Watching it, mimics an ignorant reality show episode. It is disgusting!
    I feel racism is learned behavior. As well as an overdose of insecurities create violence in so many different ways. The fear, of which is being used negatively, is of change…noted change of our country evolving….there are quite a few feats that symbolize change in our country evolving. Yes, we’ve conquered some battles when pulled together, yet, we have much bigger battles ahead.
    So, yes, there will be stormy weather before sunshine.
    I’m still optimistic! Nothing lasts forever!

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