Great Powerful Oz

We call him racist. And his rallies grow larger. His party wants to stop him. But he keeps in Charlie Sheen’s voice “winning!”

Trump says, “We are going to make America great again. We are going to build a hundred foot wall and Mexico is going to pay for it. I have so much money. My wine, steaks and university are great.”

He’s the all great powerful Oz confusing us with his white smoke (white lies) fooling us into believing he can protect us from the evil witch.   

Only time he’s wavered was in Chicago where, a diverse group of courageous young Black, Hispanic and Muslim Americans came together and won “a battle.” Like Dorothy and her crew in the Wizard of Oz, with a spineless scarecrow, creaky tin man and scared lion exposed the wizard, we find behind the curtain someone afraid to show us who he really is.  

But how do we pull the curtain back and win the war against Trump?  

The conventional methods aren’t working. This is divergent.  So, instead of attacking him, what if we ease on down the road and conquer what’s in front of us, by sharing what’s great with America?  

Like our great communities? And…

What if America hadn’t had slavery? Then list great things America would not have, were it not for the Africans and their descendants in America. 

Here are some simple ones to start with. Jan Metzlinger’s shoe lasting machine and Garrett Morgan’s gas mask and stop light. And where would the world be without the drums for jazz and the pain brought out soulfully in the blues. All which spearheaded rock and roll.  

What if we tied it all to how great America’s founders were to create a document like the US Constitution? And that slaves built America and the foundation of its economy, the wealthiest in the world. But tell it with pride, not pain. What if we elevate the truth with a story so powerful, it shakes the world’s conscious? By showing how slaves inspired the language in the constitution. That America’s constitution is and always has been about freedom. And that she still has not freed herself from the bondage of mental slavery.  But that her better days are still ahead. 

The comrades of the civil rights movement showed us a better way putting their lives in harms way.  And that’s what those Americans did in Chicago.  Because that’s what Americans do!

Now we need courage to elevate the tone and pivot from the abyss of despair and complaining. Let the country know that America is great, and this is why.  Let’s not just tell the story of slavery. How about the Native Americans and the Hispanic and Latino communities too? After all, would we have a country if Cristóbal Colón, an Italian sailing with a Spanish fleet and money hadn’t blown off course to a new beginning. There are plenty of rich diverse American stories to tell. 

That’s how we beat Trump and don’t forget Cruz. His followers may be crazier than Trump’s. To defeat them we have to see the cup as full, even when it appears empty.  

The idea of America is waiting to be told in an uplifting way? One that shows the power of example from a positive point of view!

It may not stop Trump’s charge! But it can inspire people to see, America’s strength within. Like Dorothy waking from her dillisional state to find everything ok at home, so will America.  She will wake from her dillision and find the American Dream is greater, when it’s for everyone.  We have to wake from our nightmare and make that dream a reality.  That’s the lesson we can learn from Trump, the great and powerful Oz. 

Like Dorothy and her friends found courage, oil and a spine was in them all the along, it’s time for Toto to pull back the curtain on the lie of the great and powerful Oz. 

Together our voices and stories are diverse and uplifting. They beat back the evil witch of racism because they come from a pure heart. We are not going backward on the yellow brick road. We’ve been there. It’s full of devious pitfalls. America’s best days are in front of us.  And angry munchkins think for yourself and see that there is a better way than “making America great again”. We already did that. She is great.  Together, we can move America FORWARD and rid of her the evil witch of racism.  That will make us all rejoice. We’ve already proven once that together we can make America prosperous. Now we can do it without the shackles of Slavery. Together, we can make America greater than she’s ever been! 


5 thoughts on “Great Powerful Oz

    1. Depends on what you call people who incite people to riot in the streets and police officers who kill innocent people? In no way did I say that rioting or attacking police officers is courageous. But not backing down to racist rhetoric that has too long created a system of pain for the entire nation. Diverse communities not only make up America they have built up America. It’s time for everyone to come together. And stop being divided.


    2. There is a caption in the post that reassures not condoning the physical attack.
      After I read this post, I comprehended optimism without physical attack.
      To intellectually utilize that “warrior” mind set & energy.
      To fight with knowledge…for everyone to pull together as a force of knowledge. Present the achievements that are contributed to society, used by everyone.
      However, everyone is entitled to their comprehension.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thank you for taking time to read and comment. You’re right Everyone is entitled to their comprehension. The hope is that together we accomplish more. Let’s tell the stories that uplift each other. Let’s inspire, not divide. As my great grandmother used to tell us “it’s a good thing to remember, but a better thing to do. Always hang with the construction gang and not the wrecking crew!”


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