Imagine Together 

I think it’s empowering especially for young people to see that despite her struggles, America elected her first Black President. Imagine how powerful it is, that some have only seen a Black president. And what this means for the choices they will make for years to come.  

America’s diversity connects us to the World. That’s why so many are trying to get in and so few are trying to get out.  

The struggles within are real. But the people outside our country can identify with her. Diversity is our strength and it  is beautiful to see.  Especially, when we work together and uplift each other.  Instead of arguing and yelling, let’s talk and trump the naysayers who divide us.  Let’s create avenues that make the way for big victories like the one in 2008.  That’s how we got our first Black president.  Now let us together imagine something bigger and achieve that something, together!   

“Some see things as they never were and ask why.  I dream things that never were and ask, why not?” Robert F. Kennedy 

Inspiring messages uplift the spirit and a can do attitude with action empowers us all!  

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