Framing OJ

It’s been 20 years since the OJ trial sparked controversy and debates around race, police and criminal justice. What would it have been like had we had social media?  

Today, the very same topics spark debate. For several months, I’ve been working with screen-writer, director, Joshua Newton on a feature film, based on true events that transpired six years after the first OJ trial.  

Was he guilty? Was he framed? Was he innocent? The questions still linger. But one thing for sure, the jurors saw reasonable doubt and acquitted him. Joshua has based his film around events many are unaware of that will make others who may not have agreed before side with the jurors.  

Tomorrow night, the Honorable Diane Watson, retired member of Congress is hosting a town hall meeting where Joshua will for the first time publicly discuss his upcoming feature film, The Framing of OJ Simpson. 

If you’re in LA, it would be great to see you. 

Like on the page about the movie to receive up to date information about the film and learn more about tomorrow night.

And of feel free to comment.  


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