img_2584God is a magnificent Creator and the Earth is a wondrous place. I woke this birthday morning with a text from my first love that read, “Happy Birthday My love. You made us parents on this day. Love you. Enjoy your day!”

My mom’s text put the biggest smile on my face!  Every day is a new day.  The sun shines and the Earth, like a rose, bloom as the sun touches us on land and water.  As we get older, our birthdays come faster and faster while the Earth maintains the same velocity, balanced on her axis.

Today, reading birthday messages, I am uplifted that so many took time to send little me a note.  I’m thankful and grateful for each.  Yesterday my childhood friend, Karin Mayer, who I haven’t seen in more than 30 years, sent a bday message from Australia where they are a day ahead of us!

Today my 44th birthday is a big change from 43.  Over the past year, I lost 40lbs. Can’t believe it and launched my brainchild, Party Politics with a group of amazing people.  They are volunteering their time because they believe in the idea of Party Politics. We are creating opportunities to bring us all together and have fun doing it. 

My weight loss came about because of Amanda Shipe and her wonderful team at Mind Your Body Oasis Yoga Studio & Wellness Center.  They’ve helped me on my journey.  I can only try to simplify the magnifying power that yoga has given me in balance, mindfulness and nutrition. It helped me see clearer, what I hope to achieve in the months and years to come.  Balance is important not just in yoga, or my nutrition, but also in how we think and approach life.

Political conversations are too often one side against the other.  Each debating their cause and views.  I have been criticized at times for being too middle of the road.  Accused of being on the wrong side of an issue.  I admit to being as opinionated as the next person. But more and more, I am trying to see through the eyes of everyone.

That’s been accelerated with Party Politics.  When you see the viewpoints of many written on a chalkboard, on our social media platforms it can soften your heart if you are open to it.  When I see protect my guns and immigration reform on the same board, I smile.  A Republican and a Democrat’s thoughts on our board and yet, no arguing.


Words written on a board can teach without a debate.  Those things, people are writing that they want the next President to work on, have a life.  We are going to share those stories with the public, elected officials, and media.  On paper, on a chalkboard, on our platforms there they are for everyone to see.  To date, over tens of thousands of entries are in our database.  And we are reaching more everyday.  I can tell you the most popular and the funniest.

We want to tell everyone this story, because it isn’t the voices you normally hear on the campaign trail.  These are the voices often never heard from.  So as we tell this story leading up to the political parties of the summer, we too are going to be hosting parties along the way.

The voices just like the music at a party gets louder, the more people join us.  So, I’m asking if you’ve read this far šŸ˜œ to do me a favor. Or grant me a birthday wish. Share with us regardless of your politics, race, religion, sexual orientation or national origin what you want the next US President to work on.  What would be even better is if you take a few more seconds and share why that is important to you.

Like the student who wrote guns has a viewpoint, so does the person who wrote immigration reform and above it, wrote because of my parents.


Party Politics US is my brainchild but its platforms belongs to you and you can share it farther and wider than our team can.  Together, we can do more, just like our voices can be louder together.  We have an amazing team volunteering their talent to make this happen. You too can join us! šŸ˜œ

Party Politics

Our goal is to bring different people, celebrities, elected officials, everyday citizens to the table.  Food is an amazing connector!  That’s what our dinner conversation series soon to launch is about. The chalkboard conversations allow us to share what you and others want the next President to work on.  And there is more in store.

This is just the beginning. We are hosting actual parties and happy hours inviting you and many others to come. The idea is together in festive settings we don’t always know your politics. But most all want to have fun.  This is just the 2016 stuff, after the elections, when the noise of the campaigns are over, we have more in store for you.  This is only the beginning!

So do me a favor. Today, for my birthday, take a second and like on one of Party Politics US Platforms.

We are on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. Even SnapChat which I admit to still not fully understanding!  All of our platforms are Party Politics US.  If we want to change the tone, and elevate our causes, we have to find ways to do them together.  We believe, more can be achieved together, especially if we are having fun doing it!

I wish all of you a wonderful day! And thank you for reading this message!



Love Can’t Produce Hate


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Reading posts, I’m saddened. Uplifted that so many have an opinion about the events of the day. Inspired to read so many insights. But saddened by the affliction on people’s hearts. People callingĀ each other racists and xenophobic.Ā  Even if they are, we see it and know it.

Where is the love? Many claim to be religious yet, I see so much hate. Some of it is the hate that hate produced. Can love drive it out?

I haven’t lost my mind, I’m asking a question. If the Trump and Cruz supporters are so bad, what do you think they think of the the Bernie and Hillary supporters? On the surface, people are voting for personalities and not getting to the core issues.

Obama isn’t the problem. Never was. We are! Whether you’re Black or White, Hispanic or Asian or African, Australian or European we all play a role in the dysfunction in our world.

The common issue at hand is economics. Want to erase crime and stop terrorism? Want your child to get a quality education, or stop world hunger? Want your business to succeed? Want to stop working three or four jobs? Want to narrow racial and religious divides?Ā Then vote for someone who will address the economy.

Focus on the candidates that will improve the economy. Not the ones that will just address the disparity in wealth.

You can’t take what the wealthy have already acquired. That’s wrong.

Wrong policies got us here. It doesn’t mean raise taxes. They’re high enough. And it’s not about ending entitlements right away. Because entitlements aren’t just for the poor, they help everyone. They’re in farming and oil and much more, if we look at the annual budget.

It means thinking outside the box and finding ways that collectively we work together. And really get to the crux of the matter.

But to get there we have to change what’s in our heart. No matter what side we sit on.

It can’t be you did this to me anymore!

The truth is, we can go farther, if we look at each other and can say, look what you did for me!