We Have to Talk About It!


Our POTUS signed into legislation in May the “Blue Alert” bill (God Bless those 11 victims, DART officers and 5 officers murdered, 7/7/16) and later that month decreed Transgender bathroom access. These topics were both important to our communities and our country. The administration felt so adamant about mandating the acceptance of the Transgender bathroom access in schools that they would withhold state funding for those states who refused to accept the decree/directive …I’ve been blessed to have within my personal community of friends and family a potpourri of cultures, gender preference, races and religions. My personal community of associates, friends and family who are both police officers and of the transgender community. So, please understand I say this with all due respect; why has that same action stated above not been taken by our government and/or administration. The lives lost this year alone among African-Americans killed by police officers has held in comparison to the two points shared above. Action must happen immediately, as it did for the “Blue Alert Bill” and the Transgender community…. There is No exception. #YouMustVote
To my personal community of associates, friends and family I heard all of your voices loud and clear, When:*France – was attacked: screen savers were changed and the outcry was moving and supported.

*Miami, FL. – nightclub was attacked and the senseless killings of All Americans screen savers were displayed and again the outcry was immediate by All-Americans.

*Istanbul – Airport attacked again senseless killings and lives lost 

*Yemen – Suicide Car Bomb killing 42 people killed, lives lost and families impacted again the outcry was heard. 

*Atlanta, Georgia- A black man was found hung from a tree, just yesterday in Piedmont Park. Very little mentioned and (Oh, NO Screen Savers available to place on our FB pages).  

…this is just to name a few! 

I am an American who’s of African decent and other nationalities, cultures, and who’s very proud to be one! 

Racism is real and no matter how much you want to ignore the subject we must discuss and get beyond the fear and the hate. 

Thank you for indulging me and again #WeAreOnePeople

Kwame Browner is happily married, a father of two and living in his native Washington, DC where he is a realtor. 

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