Trump Isn’t a Phenomenon, He’s A….

L-R Larry King and Donald Trump

Trump isn’t a phenomenon, he’s a reflection on all Americans values.

I’ve questioned what’s on television for a long time. Why did people watch The Apprentice? A show about dysfunction and someone getting fired each week until someone was left standing promised a job working for Trump? All the while people who are poor are sucked in making the rich, richer.

Want change? The people have to change. Want politicians to do the right thing? The people have to do the right thing.

honey boo boo
Far right, star Alana Thompson with her family on the reality show, Here Comes Honey Boo Boo


That’s a hard thing to do……there’s the 24 hour news cycle making money. That is circumvented by trash reality tv i.e. Honey boo boo and Kardashians. Also by endless sports programming and sports news reporting and repeating the same story hour after hour to keep people spellbound.



Kardashians Photo: Las Vegas Sun

When you get bored with that there’s more about the same thing with so-called journalists adding their viewpoints into the story.Trump isn’t the problem. We are….that’s the hard convo we aren’t having. It’s the narrative we don’t want to hear. What do you think?


2 thoughts on “Trump Isn’t a Phenomenon, He’s A….

  1. Yes, the people who are at fault continue to entertain themselves by watching, listening, and physically supporting Trump’s campaign,
    It’s sad that negativity sells. It recruits ….which is what Trump’s representation has accomplished, thus far.
    However, I’ve noticed the withdrawals of Republicans’ representation of Trump due to his vulgarity.
    There’s time for this to turn around to a positive outcome.

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