Trump Not Racist, Just Insecure!

insecurity-iiiBy Atiba Madyun
This morning, I saw posts calling #Trump a racist. I cannot tell you what to do, but allow me to share why I suggest we STOP calling him and others racist!!
First it’s a bad word corrupted from overuse! A veiled way of calling a white person, nigger.
The truth is Trump insecure! And he is ‘trumpery’. He is the Hitler of our day, riling up his factions, dangling a promise of a world void of anyone but the so-called master race. Ironic, this Hitler is no different than the sorcerers in the story of Pharoah and Moses.  The audience in awe of his tricks are filled with so much hate for others, but love his message and don’t know it is all a mirage.
Talk about his little hands, deny him an award and he whines like a little boy.  And his followers take up for him.  Trump seeking the roar of the crowd, wows them with his magic that comes in the form of words.  Like the Hunger Games he yells anything to see what catches their attention.  With roar of the crowd feeding his ego, he yells we are going to build a wall and they crowd goes wild.  So tall and so wide, his words barely can be heard now because roar is so loud.  When they settle down, he gets them going again, we are going to keep the Muslims out.  The crowd in a frenzy now feed what he needs the most, adulation and followers.  I’ve got 12 million Twitter follows he thinks, they love me.  His insecurity abated, the crowd feeding on his every word has hope.   Their leader is a master builder with great hotels all around the world that they could never afford to stay in.  But he’s going to build us a wall so grand that we won’t need a hotel as long as we can talk about the bad people, and they can’t get to us!
Who are the bad people?  I found them.  Guess what, the bad people, are all insecure. In this world, nothing is what it seems.  And that’s why they need that wall.  Before Trump, they were in their homes talking about the Mexicans, the Blacks and don’t forget the Muslims!  The women were talking against their interests believing now that a woman should never be President.  That is the job of a man.
This false sense of hope, and need for a wall is what those who we call racist, misogynist and xenophobic want so they can take the mask off that covers their insecurity.
Call them these words and it doesn’t hurt.  Not the way you want it to.  Their skin is toughened and those words are a badge of honor.  Don’t believe me?
Men think about anytime someone called you insecure.  It could have been when you were very young, but I guarantee you didn’t like it.  And women, think about how many times a man has called you insecure.  Then think about the time you called a man in your head or out loud insecure.  How did he react?
No man, especially Trump wants to be called insecure.  But, a man who has a show, where he gets immense pleasure firing people and hurting them is nothing less than insecure. He is secure knowing its his show and who is going to fire him?
I never got the fascination with this show.  Maybe because I know what if feels like to fire people.  While every firing was justified, I never found pleasure doing it.  The person you fire you hates you, you hate them for making you have to fire them and no one walks away with any love for the other.
On the other hand, when you make a good hire, one that you are pleased with, at least on paper, everyone is happy.  The employer is happy to find someone to help carry the workload and the employee is happy to have a job. Everyone comes together with some love.
That’s just and example, but one that shows how LOVE is good stuff.  Unfortunately, sometime unknowingly, people choose its polar opposite and it leads to division.

In relationships, men are trained to look at a woman as weak.  Often because she is seen as the loving, expressive one.  I have something to share gentlemen.  To LOVE that openly is the scariest and most powerful thing anyone can do.  More powerful than killing, or firing a bomb.  Love keeps you from firing that bomb or weapon unless absolutely necessary to prevent casualties, not for personal gain.

I don’t think Obama would be successful as President if he had not learned that.  It is why Mother Teresa and Princess Diana gave so much to the world.  It is why Dr. King and Mandela are revered by so many and were able to lead hopeless people on both sides out of an oppressive state of mind.  The power of LOVE is unlike anything else in the world.  It heals and it mends, but it doesn’t tear apart.
A couple of years ago, when I embarked on the LOVE journey, I insecurity-viiwas unaware what it would mean or take me.  I knew the walls around my heart had to come down for good.  Years before, I was devastated by a relationship and unaware, my decision not to HATE that woman, no matter how hurt I was, actually began my healing process.  It opened my eyes to the division I was creating in other areas of my life, particularly discussion about current events and politics.
The wall of division was around my heart and it was keeping me from having anything close to a healthy, loving relationship with a woman.  And I knew after that relationship, I wanted that.  I wanted to LOVE openly and expressively.
What I didn’t know was that when you bring those walls down it opens you to people who will see this new strength as a sign of weakness.  And try to take advantage of it.  It takes time to adjust to that, and find balance.  When I got my feet under me, I found a new type of strength.
That strength allows you to use untapped human potential.  It opens your eyes and ears to see and hear things more clearly.  See, when your heart is hardened, you cannot see or hear past the noise.  Hearing past the noise in this respect is like going to the doctor and learning that you need glasses and a hearing aid.  Equipped with these items, you finally see that the people shouting are frustrated and insecure, because no one can hear them!  Why?  Because those, they are trying to get to hear them, have a heart that is hardened too!  That’s why we see insecure people shooting up a sign memorial
izing a young man who was killed more than fifty years ago because of HATE.  It is why a campaign headquarters is firebombed to incite more HATE.
When you can see that, you look at those yelling like a malnourished child so hungry, they will eat the dirt of negative energy and harbor pain and hurt.  No one hearing their need to be fed, causes them nothing more but insecurity.
That’s why we celebrate those iconic historical figures Mother Teresa, Lady Diana, King and Mandela. They left LOVE and wonderful examples, yet often those on the right side of history ignore them!
I have good friends on both sides of the political aisle.  I love them likeinsecurity family.  I listen to their sound arguments about the political landscape.  And sadly, I also hear their contempt for the other side too.  And that’s what pains me.  Let me be clear, they
are all good people, that is why they are my friends and they are on both the liberal and conservative sides.
That brings me back to Trump.  Isn’t that what he does?  If you listen to him, there are some good points he brings up.  But it is so hard to find, becaus
e there is this wall of contempt and hate that is right there in front of us.
And that is why I’m suggesting that we stop calling him these names.  Pity him if anything, but love him despite his insecurities.
Love him? Yes!  Love him for paving the way for our first woman President.
Love him, for helping us communicate with those who were in the shadows harboring their insecurities. They are in the light now and after this election, one of the two sides are going to need love too.
Now that we see each other we are going to have to get to know each other.  Believe it or not, we have more in common with than not.  For one, if we are attacked again, it is an attack on our country, and that is all of us.
The reality is we are not going to like everyone, but like isn’t lohateve.
I promise that loving, will help you see clearly.  It will give you a high better than a drug. It will make you so positive and optimistic.  It will provide clar
ity instead of making you like a deer, stuck in place, blinded by the lights of an oncoming car.  Hate feeds negativity and pessimism and helps you focus on a way to get out of the way of the oncoming car.
Don’t be blinded by hate. My friends abroad say we as a nation don’t look so good.  They see our HATE on full display.  If we hate each other, how will we treat them, is what they wonder.
I tell them as I am telling you, yes, I am high.  My LOVE drug tells me, our best days are still in front of us.  It is good to see those better days ahead.  I promise everything because of this is going to change for the better.  We can and will get there faster, if you take this drug and see Trump and his supporters for who they are, insecure.
If you are still reading humor me and answer this, What do we stand to gain, by calling the man a racist if he is really insecure?  And do you agree, if we all LOVE, we could move forward faster, together?
headshotAtiba Madyun is President of Party Politics US.  Follow him on Twitter @atibamadyun or Atiba Madyun on Facebook.

2 thoughts on “Trump Not Racist, Just Insecure!

  1. For God So Loved the World that he gave is only Son so that we may all saved. Name calling does not prove a thing. Remember when you were a child sticks and stones may break my bones but Words would never hurt me.!! Our country need prayer God is in control!! Let’s make sure that you exercise your Right to vote

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  2. Great read! I truly believe on all levels that love ❤️ trumps hate! As a devout Christian, I believe we should love our neighbor as ourselves! God is love. As a mental health provider I know love and the lack thereof can alter ones mental state for good as well as evil. Love is an intense emotion. We have many definitions for love. The one that always seems to be a struggle especially in marriages is acceptance! If you love, you must accept that person or thing for what it is! Thus truth is a strong component of love. The truth is Trump is a racist and he is insecure. Do I love Trump? yes I do! I love everyone even the people that make it hard to love them. Is it easy to do? Hell no!! I knew Trump was racist before he started running for president but thought he was very entertaining and I thought he was a great business man! I tried to stay focused on that! I remember on my wedding day…my uncle, the Bishop who married us told me something that always stuck with me through the many ups and downs that life threw our way, “Sherill if the only thing Eric does well is park the car 🚗 celebrate that!” That has helped my marriage so much! Those who we counsel share the same sentiment! We all have expectations and I love how you cause us to focus on what we expect from our next president as it causes us to focus on what is truly important to us as individuals and as a nation! This should not be a popularity contest! We all have a decision to make between now and November 8, 2016 and amidst all of this hate that has been brought out from the under current state, I echo many that can even before us as I pray for peace and endeavor to love the hate out of those I come in contact with on a daily basis. I have been somewhat quiet as I watch and pray as it all unfolds but as a Black, Christian, Educated, Professional, Wife, Mother and WOMAN This has been challenging! My four children attend predominantly white schools (21, 17 & twins girls that are 9) and to see and hear what the hear at school has at times began to harden my heart but have also provided teaching points and building character in my children so I chose to reiterate love and self respect and acceptance of others. I teach my children to pray and trust God and vote! No matter who wins the election…God is in control and in the words of my grandmother who has gone on to be with the Lord, “That’s God’s devil and he can only do what God allows!” No pun intended to with candidate! Although I am with her!!! #strongertogether #unitedwestand

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