Dear America

By Anais Messaadi

Immigrants are everywhere: It is the lady who serves you at the restaurant; the one who comes to clean your house; the one who takes care of your car, of your garden.  The nanny who takes care of your children, your own blood. They are helping you have an easier life and you want to make their life difficult?

Being an immigrant, leaving everything behind them, it is not something immigrants do with pleasure. Some of them have no choice. They have to leave or they will lose their life. When they see their own family having no food for dinner, being persecuted, of course they are trying to find a better life. Some of them come here to pursue a dream. And some of them just fall in love with this country and try to make it better. 

Being human is being free. Unless you commit a crime, you should be free to live wherever you want. America has been built on immigrant blood. They are a part of this country. Deporting them, it is denying your history. If someone foreign brings money into this country, we welcome him/her with open arms. So why can’t we do the same with the ones who do not have the chance to be born with a silver spoon ? 

Until you become an immigrant yourself, you won’t understand what it is about, and this is the real problem here. And you know what? You are an immigrant as well. America is a great country, because of its diversity. Trying to take this diversity away, it is taking the heart of America away. 

Immigrants are everywhere, and you don’t even know who they are. If you deport them, who is going to do the tasks you do not to partake in ? Deporting them back to their country will create jobs, but no one will want do those jobs except them, and that is why they are here. Sending them home it is putting down the American economy. 

There are lot of jobs in this country. If you go outside and walk in the street, a lot of shops are hiring. How come no one picks up those jobs?? That is the real question. Everybody complains about how immigrants are stealing their job, but this is not true. To have a Real job, you need a work visa, and this is something hard to get. 

A lot of immigrants have graduated back home and traveled here to find better opportunity than they had in their country. Instead of blaming them, ask yourself: what would you do if you were in their shoes ? Starving in your own country or trying to get a better life?

Of course some of them are bad people, and try to take advantage of it.  It is not just because they are immigrants, it is because they are just human. And some humans try to find shortcuts in life. So instead of deporting the immigrants and denying them visas, maybe the new administration should focus on the law and how to delete shortcuts. 

Anaïs Messaadi has wanted work and live in America since she was young. After graduating from journalism school in may 2015, she worked 3 months to pay her aupair application.  She arrived in America in August 24 2015. As an aupair she doesn’t have money to pay for university here.  Beinf an aupair is the cheapest way to learn English. Since arriving in America a lot has changed in France.  There have been terrorist attacks (she was living in Nice before coming here ), and doesn’t want go back there because she doesn’t think it is safe. 

So with her English, French and bachelor of journalism, she’s trying to find a job in America and hoping that it will work.

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