America’s Potential Unfulfilled 

​America the beautiful has a date with her destiny. She has yet to reach her full potential.  Until we find ways to across party lines for the good of the nation she will forever be trying to fulfill potential that is in reach. 

Together, we can get equitable immigration reform , equal pay for women, stop unwarranted killings of innocent citizens by police officers and vice versa, create gun reform and address mass shootings, create greater economic opportunities and get citizens to stop killing one another, increase the minimum wage, protect Standing Rock, insure healthcare for all, make college affordable for all. America can be greater than ever. What issues are important to you and are you willing to work across party lines to address them? 

 Let’s make our own party one that produces results and is about all the people! Together let’s reach beyond our potential. 

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Uncle Kathy Resisted and Changed A Nation

Three years ago next month I met Ahmed “Kathy” Kathrada at his home in South Africa. Endearingly called, Uncle Kathy, he worked alongside Nelson Mandela and others even went to prison fighting against apartheid in South Africa. 

In April 2014, Kathrada left two things heavy on my mind since. The first don’t take our years of freedom for granted. He shared this. “Imagine being in prison for life and your captors tell you they’ve received word you’re to be released but they are waiting for a fax.

The weight of being in prison should have made us excited. But we’d been away from society for 26 years. My comrades and I sat down thinking first then looking at one another asked and what is a fax!” The second story is profound and I hope it will be for you too. Mr. Kathrada was asked how the business or international community could help South Africa. He paused for a moment then said “I think you and the ambassador are better equipped to answer that question than me…..” “There are times I wish I was still in prison.” We looked at him astonished. Earlier that day, we were at the prison on Robben Island where he’d been imprisoned. Why would anyone want to go back? “In Prison we had time to think.” The past two nights, I shared this story with old and new friends in Charlotte. Mr. Kathrada left a lasting impression on me. 

While I am saddened by his death, I am even more inspired by his life. Thank you my friends in South Africa Fazlin Jakoet and Chéri-Leigh Erasmus for messaging me this morning to inform me. 

Technology connects us is grand ways. There was no fax before he went to prison and upon his death we have the power of a fax at our fingerprints. 

We are a global nation and can learn most from one another when we open our minds and our hearts. Kathrada and his comrades did more than resist. They offered a better way forward. They put their lives on the line to find that way and in the end they lived their lives knowing they did it for something greater than themselves. 

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Silos and Prison

​Mandela left after 27 years in prison with a forgiving heart. He left the silo of the physical jail and the silo of the mental prison behind him. We can too. 

Pain and silos create division in our lives. Economic and racial inequality, jobs, education, healthcare, national security aren’t issues we should be fighting about. They’re issues we should be fighting for. 

 Political parties imprison us with an idea of my party vs. your party. It leaves us battling, arguing, bitter and divided. Instead We the People should be at the heart of every issue in a way that unites not divides us.  

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Walls and Silos!

Caring for more than yourself is a “greater good”. To those who suffer oppression your cares are ours. Let us all work toward creating a world with no more war. One where economic inequality is replaced with the genuine desire to live and make all lives better. 

The spread and cause of disease is caused by physical, mental and even financial distress. The mental culture of divide along economic, racial, ethnic, national, cultural and religion divide is as deadly as any physical disease. And comes from a place of fear and insecurity. 

We are “inextricably linked” by our inaction in the promotion of social justice. Getting to know one another isn’t bad. It’s a greater good! Tearing down the “walls of division” getting out of our “silos” replaces a “culture of fear” with a “culture of hope”. Let us work together to shift the reckless burden of blame and extinguish the cause of ineffectiveness. We can do that by removing the silos of division. We are one huge human family. 

My hope is to get us to those “parties” and safe spaces where we talk laugh and have fun in person. Where we hug each other in greeting coming and going. Where the genuine expression of love for one another builds and Instills in us “hope” for today and tomorrow. Isn’t that what life should really be about? 

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Talk in Person?

Are we talking to each other or passing messages through cyberspace? America’s divisions can be seen in race, economic factors and guided by the division of #partypolitics Let us get outside our comfort zones and talk to each other. The walls of division put us into silos and misdirect our attention from the important things. What’s important to you may be important to me. But if we aren’t talking how do we know? Let’s talk!   #wethepeople #politics #chalkboardconversations #party #instagram #healthcare #education #environment #economy #EPluribusUnum #internet #friends #obama #Obamacare #WeAreOne

Wiretap investigation and Russia Trump collusion?

U.S. President Donald Trump accused his predecessor, Barack Obama of wire-tapping his building during general election. But the FBI shot down the accusation while also confirming that are investigating the relations between Trump and Russia during the election. For more on wiretapping investigation and Russia-Trump team collusion, CGTN’s Asieh Namdar spoke to Atiba Madyun, founder of The Madyun Group.