Walls and Silos!

Caring for more than yourself is a “greater good”. To those who suffer oppression your cares are ours. Let us all work toward creating a world with no more war. One where economic inequality is replaced with the genuine desire to live and make all lives better. 

The spread and cause of disease is caused by physical, mental and even financial distress. The mental culture of divide along economic, racial, ethnic, national, cultural and religion divide is as deadly as any physical disease. And comes from a place of fear and insecurity. 

We are “inextricably linked” by our inaction in the promotion of social justice. Getting to know one another isn’t bad. It’s a greater good! Tearing down the “walls of division” getting out of our “silos” replaces a “culture of fear” with a “culture of hope”. Let us work together to shift the reckless burden of blame and extinguish the cause of ineffectiveness. We can do that by removing the silos of division. We are one huge human family. 

My hope is to get us to those “parties” and safe spaces where we talk laugh and have fun in person. Where we hug each other in greeting coming and going. Where the genuine expression of love for one another builds and Instills in us “hope” for today and tomorrow. Isn’t that what life should really be about? 

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