Thoughts, Prayers and Party Politics 

​    By Atiba Madyun, President, Party Politics US

Party Politics US offers its thoughts and prayers to Congressman Steve Scalise, the police officers and congressional staff affected by this morning’s shooting in Washington, DC. 

Let us put party differences aside and recognize that the hate and emotions of the shooter that led to this incident are felt by others. People are hurting for all kinds of reasons and our leaders divisions trickle down to the masses.  

It is our hope that Party Politics platforms bring people together across party, religious and cultural lines. It is our hope that we play a part helping us get to know one another. 

As more information about the shooter comes to light, let’s keep in mind that if we don’t find ways to unite our nation, get to know one another and have empathy for all citizens, we could see more incidents like the one today. This is and always should be about our humanity.  

Thank you to our first responders, our law enforcement officials who stopped what could have been far worse. Our prayers are with all impacted today.

#weareone #epluribusunum #makeamericagreatagain #feelthebern #republicans #democrats #cometogether #culture #gun #LOVE #StopHate #activecitizens #BarriersToInclusion #Conversation  

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