Republicans Are Even 

Curtis Compton/Atlanta Journal-Constitution via AP

By Atiba Madyun

Maybe I missed something. As an independent voter, #activecitizen and analyst I watch both sides closely. I’m wondering….

Why didn’t Obama, the Clintons and Bernie, the Dems big hitters go into Georgia to rally behind Ossoff?   

When will Dems in Congress fire Pelosi? And learn that winning elections isn’t just about raising the most money. It’s also about taking risks! 

“Handel struggled to compete with Ossoff’s money, but she presented herself as an experienced conservative in line with the district’s traditional Republican leanings. Top Republicans flocked to Georgia to aid her, including Trump and Vice President Mike Pence, who helped raise $1 million for Handel at separate events, according to her campaign.

Speaker Paul Ryan, Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue (a former Georgia governor) and Price himself came to the district to rally GOP voters, too.

The GOP has now won each House special election of 2017, after Trump selected a handful of congressmen from conservative seats for his Cabinet — though Republicans had a close call in South Carolina Tuesday night, where Republican Ralph Norman won the state’s 5th District by a surprisingly close 3-point margin.” Elena Schneider

If Democrats are to make any gains they should learn from Hillary Clinton’s safe campaign tactics that that will not work today. Senator Bernie Sanders proved that taking risks and getting away from the establishment platform of the Democratic Party attracts voters. If the Dems don’t take risks, they won’t win elections and won’t make the gains they believe they should in 2018.  It’s not rocket science! 


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