President’s Tough Talk UN Speech

President Trump’s intro today at the UN started with the US economy. Strange for a foreign policy speech. He falsely represented the strength of the economy as an accomplishment of his. As if its success is tied to his November 8th election victory. He talked about the stock market rising. This should alarm us all. At the speed it is rising, the further and faster it has to fall. Another recession is on the horizon and the question is not will it, but when. Where will we be in a year or two?

When he got to foreign policy, it sounded like he would stay on script. He was composed and deliberate with his words. He tied America First to an ideal that all nations should put their nation’s first. And then he said Unated Nations (not a typo) and called the leader of North Korea “Rocket Man.” Here the speech went off track. His speech sounded like his tweets with talk about destroying North Korea to protect America and its allies. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said on Sunday, “despite President Trump’s fire and fury rhetoric the US is still committed to a diplomatic solution. “I’m waiting for the regime of North Korea to give us some indication that they’re prepared to have constructive, productive talks.”

This is in contrast to what UN Ambassador Nicki Haley said when speaking on US military action. “We wanted to be responsible and go through all diplomatic means to get their attention first,” she said Sunday on State of the Union. “If that doesn’t work, Defense Secretary James Mattis will take care of it.” Have we exhausted all diplomatic opportunities.

What did the president achieve using a name like “Rocket Man” to refer to Kim Jong Un? Is it his way of appealing to his base and not the 190 leaders in the UN hall?

The speech was anything but diplomatic. It sounded like imperialism, not patriotism. He referred to President Truman several times. Why Truman? Because he was the only president to drop an atomic bomb not once, but twice to end the war with Japan at the end of WWII.

In the next few days, the president has a tough decision to make about Iran. Will he signal to Congress that Iran is out of compliance with the Iran agreement. He said today that Iran is using its oil profits to fund terror groups. This follows what Secretary Tillerson also said on Sunday, he believes Iran has violated the spirit of the agreement with other “destabilizing activities in the region” hinting that they’re using oil profits to support terrorists groups.

What will we hear from the president over the next few days and weeks as he decides what to tell Congress about the Iran agreement? I think he hinted today that he wants to say Iran has been non-compliant but the world heard fighting words today. Almost like the president wants to put our troops in harm’s way.

What do you think?

President Trump UN General Assembly Speech

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