The Heat: Trump’s Foreign and Domestic Policy Challenges to Iran’s Elections 

U.S. President Donald Trump takes his first trip abroad as commander in chief – starting in Saudi Arabia before traveling on to Israel and Europe. But how might domestic issues derail his foray into foreign policy? To talk about Trump’s domestic woes and Iran presidential election our panel includes: Tara Kangarlou, an international journalist focusing on the Middle East and North Africa. Atiba Madyun, president of the Madyun Group, a government relations firm. Majid Rafizadeh, president of the International American Council. James Jatras, a former U.S. diplomat and Republican adviser and strategist.


The Heat: Trump’s Challenges

“A lie is halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to put its pants on.” 

If he’d never run for president he wouldn’t have the challenges he faces now. It’s arrogance that’s gotten him in hot water. That arrogance has spilled over to the country.  If the president says it, believe the opposite. In a world of “alternative facts” don’t be moved by it. Obama gave us the Audacity of Hope. Trump is giving us the Audacity to Lie and his followers have taken the bait.  

I laughed at Megan’s “audacity to lie” from the start of the show to the end. We were concerned the first few seconds that maybe we’d missed some breaking news to start the show. It takes a boldness to tell these lies.  

I hope the truth is ready. It has a lot of lies to catch up on!

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Call it What It Is!

If it’s red call it blue. If yellow call it green. In other words, whatever the president says or does look to the opposite to translate. For instance we can believe he fired Comey because of Hillary, by flipping it as we already have and saying he fired Comey to protect himself. But let’s go back. And you’ve heard me say this before. I’m not letting go.  

In the debates leading up to the presidential election, Chris Wallace asked the question about the outcome, “will you accept the outcome on election night if you lose?” Trump said if he was the loser he would not accept the outcome on election night because it could be rigged. Hillary jumped all over it “yes I will accept it.”  He knew it was rigged and Russia involvement. . But was there also collusion with Fox News? What doesn’t the administration want us to find out?  

What did they have the audacity to do, to win the WH that they are trying to coverup?

Will I Ever Run for Office

Thank you Rolling Out for allowing me to share some thoughts even answering a question I get a lot, will I ever run for office! 

Every day is a challenge to move an idea like Party Politics forward. It is possible because of the help of so many. You know who you are! Thank you from the bottom of heart!

Our overriding belief is together we can narrow the political divide by getting to know one another. Best way I know to do that is to add “party” to an all confusing process called “politics.”

Thank you again Rolling Out Magazine and Yvette Caslin for writing this story about Party Politics work to cross the political divide! To read the article click on the link below! 

America’s Potential Unfulfilled 

​America the beautiful has a date with her destiny. She has yet to reach her full potential.  Until we find ways to across party lines for the good of the nation she will forever be trying to fulfill potential that is in reach. 

Together, we can get equitable immigration reform , equal pay for women, stop unwarranted killings of innocent citizens by police officers and vice versa, create gun reform and address mass shootings, create greater economic opportunities and get citizens to stop killing one another, increase the minimum wage, protect Standing Rock, insure healthcare for all, make college affordable for all. America can be greater than ever. What issues are important to you and are you willing to work across party lines to address them? 

 Let’s make our own party one that produces results and is about all the people! Together let’s reach beyond our potential. 

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