Elegant and Sophisticated: Not This Tea Party


Speaker John Boehner stepping down means the drama is heating up.

It started a few years ago when the Tea Party Republicans came to Washington.  Back then, actor, singer-songwriter and social activist Harry Belafonte said at the Congressional Black Caucus annual dinner, “Don’t worry about the Tea Party. You know what happens when you put a tea bag in water? (He paused)  It sinks!”

That’s exactly what happened with my party, The Republicans, it’s sunk.

The dysfunction in Washington has disgruntled voters in the party believing three political candidates Trump, Carson or Fiorina with no political experience can fix Washington!

Boehner’s resignation and the drama in DC is going to boil over and show Americans willing to watch, how bad the Tea Party is for America.

That’s what this resignation is about. Boehner wasn’t the problem, he was managing it.

The Tea Party are made up of Americans afraid of change and equal access for all Americans to have Healthcare, immigration reform, programs that help young people forge ahead in education, and women the right to choose what they can or cannot do with their bodies.

Tea Partiers this just in! America isn’t just for you.

Boehner tried to avoid shutting down the government and save you. Why? It isn’t a viable option for the country or the Party!

Tea Party extremists don’t know what Republican stands for. Nor are you what the founding fathers and those who fought for a representative form of government intended when creating Congress.

Republican used to represent the idea “preserving the Republic.” The Tea Party is destroying the Republic with its inflammatory tone, representating “I” not “We”.

Look at history and Abraham Lincoln for an example of a Republican who saved the Union.

Tea Party consider when you want to defund programs that protect women, or not paying employees during a government shutdown that your idea of taking back is grounded in fear. Fear that hit you in the face, when you lost the 2008 and 2012 presidential election that.  Your fear is that America is no longer just for you. And you’re right.

But that’s been the case a long time. The CHANGE was that millions of other Americans finally realized that America was also for them.  America changed long before that election.  It took a bit longer for all to recognize the power of doing it together. That all of us make America wealthier and stronger. This is a lesson now for you to learn.  Without all of us, America is far less wealthier America and not nearly as strong.

Take into consideration three American groups and their spending power, groups you often target.

First, according to Nielson, women contribute between $5 and $15 trillion a year.  In the next decade that is expected to grow to being two thirds of the consumer wealth in America!

Second and third Black/African Americans contribute 1.4 trillion and and Hispanic/Latino $1.6 trillion.

Together that’s $8-18 trillion annually that goes into the U.S. Economy!  Where would itbe without those you attack?  Think the recession last decade was bad? Imagine it without these Americans!

Tea Partiers if you want to defund something, defund oil, not healthcare or organizations targeting and helping women.

If you end oil company subsidies, you would save $16.4 billion a year.  In fact, it would be a smart divestment if you consider, last year in the second quarter, Exxon Mobil had $111.6 billion in revenue and $8.8 billion in profit. For one quarter! That’s half of what all US oil the companies get in subsidies!

On the other hand, Planned Parenthood received $528.4 million last year combined in federal, state and local dollars. It received another $303 million in outside government dollars. $254 million in private donations. And $54 million in other fees and services. The clincher is that because of federal law enacted in 1976, no federal dollars can be used for abortions which is what Congressional members say they’re aiming for to defund the organization! Private donor and foundation dollars do that.

Abortions account for only 3 percent of what the organization does or makes in dollars!  Did you know that?  Surely you didn’t if you want to take more than 50 percent of the organization’s to make a point!

Stop holding Americans hostage and threatening to shutdown the government!

Instead of taking America back and attacking organizations like Planned Parenthood, be the best example for the Nation and move us FORWARD together.

Be the faction of the Republican Party that increases the minimum wage so that more money goes into the U.S. Economy.  And we have stronger families because parents instead of working two, three and four jobs can spend quality time with their children.

Be the party that guarantees equal pay for equal work for women and all Americans!

Be the Party that protects all Americans and make our streets safer by creating policies that end unlawful killings of Americans by police officers.

Be the Party that instead of creating dysfunction, creates opportunities for all.

If the Tea Party does these things and invests in our greatest commodity Americans, instead of divesting and cutting, in twenty years our economy will be stronger for it.  And so will the Party!

If it invests in educational opportunities, it can in one generation lower crime.

Stop wasting time attacking the Affordable Care Act and find ways to invest in a healthier workforce so that we are the healthiest in the World.

More importantly, stay out of the life choices of women.  Stop “being the problem and become the leaders of implementing solutions!”  In other words stop sinking the Party and the country!

Let’s let the Tea Party go back to those who are elegant and sophisticated!

Atiba Madyun is President of The Madyun Group (TMG), a Public Affairs firm in Washington, DC and creator of Cognitive Relevance (CR) and Party Politics (PP). Follow him on Twitter @atibamadyun or Like Atiba Madyun on Facebook.


A Punch in The Face!

Yesterday FB friends responded to my post about the singer Chris Brown’s arrest in DC.   I didn’t weigh in because I wanted to see how his arraignment would go.   Now that’s done, and his parole may be revoked thus sending him to jail, we can hit first on celebrity “entitlement!”

The entitlement issue in our country leads to way too much sensitivity.  Last night talking to two friends born outside the US, I smiled when one of said, something I’ve believed a long time.  Whether it’s race, culture or sexual orientation, we are awful as a nation to rules on political correctness.  Unwritten rules that you cannot say this or that because it hurts my feelings or someone else’s.  Grow up! 

How does this relate to Chris Brown?  In his version of what happed, he says two guys jumped into a photo he was taking with two women.  “I ain’t into no gay shit! I feel like boxing.”  And?

Celebrities get a bad wrap sometimes for their celebrity.  If you cannot deal with it, don’t be famous!  That is why, I have no sympathy for Chris.  He’s been in these situations far too often.  After Rihanna, no matter what she did to invoke his anger, she didn’t deserve to get a “fruit punch” ie. beat down.

Chris your celebrity status doesn’t give you the right to break someone’s nose.  Instead, it should heighten your awareness of your surroundings making you keenly responsibility of your job to keep your fans happy.  They want a picture?  No matter who they are, take the picture.  Remember your fans make it possible for you to buy your home, clothes, the bus you were protecting and the attorneys you will now have to re-hire.  

Should the gentlemen in question have tried to get on your bus?  If that is what happened, then you should have let your bodyguard do his job.  That’s what you pay him for!  Your job is to make the people happy.  Bodyguards job, protect you from people who overstep the boundaries.

On FB some of you said, Chris has some sort of mental illness.  It appears he has anger issues.  That is his problem.  I want to know when will fans get angry enough to stop putting money in his pockets?  Better yet, why are fans so angry with Jay-z for not ending his Christmas partnership with Barneys? 

Millions of fans that have put money in Jay-Z’s pocket should have been angry with him years ago for using the word “nigga” in just about everyone of his songs.  Instead they are angry with his partnership because they heard through the media that the store is accused of profiling African Americans buying expensive items in their stores.  Don’t get mad with Jay-Z stop going to Barneys!

The mental illness and entitlement we see in celebrities is just as much the fans fault.  So what Jay-Z doesn’t want to end his partnership!  He wants to know the whole story before he cuts his ties to a company that will give 25% of the money raised through their partnership to his charity.  A charity that provides scholarships to low income disadvantaged children.  His argument not a dime goes directly to him.  Hmmm…..okie dokie then does that mean you also don’t get the tax write off for the donation on the income you make from the fans?  Why get mad at Jay-Z?  Get even, stop buying his music!!

Jay-Z is rich and “entitled” to do what he wants with his money.  Just like Chris Brown is “entitled” to do what he wants with his anger issues.  I’ve downloaded only one Jay-Z CD ever and never one by Chris Brown.   My issue with Chris is that he beat down a woman!  My issue with Jay-Z is he’s made over a billion dollars using the word “nigga” in his songs. 

Yes, that is my sensitivity and until now I haven’t shared it publicly, just to my friends.  I have an issue with the word not because it makes me crazy.  You see my mother repeatedly told her children when we called each other names, “sticks and stones…words don’t hurt me none!” 

My issue with the word is I understand the psychological impact it has had on generations of people.  It is why I loved the movie “12 Years a Slave: The Solomon Northrup Story” and why I encourage all who haven’t to see it. 

My last question, which really is the real question is this, “When will the public hold the artists we support and make rich accountable?”   

I guarantee you, if John Boehner used the word “nigga” in a public speech, or, if Ted Cruz punched someone in the nose, the masses would come together and make sure neither of them ever won another election, or made a dime at the public’s expense.  Just sayin’